If you provide...

you can now offer internet service using existing coax cabling!

If you provide...

you can now offer internet service using existing coax cabling!

A cable modem termination system (CMTS) makes this possible.

Blonder Tongue CMTS EDGE

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Do you have customers with coax that want internet access, but do not want to pay for new ethernet wiring?

A Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS)
makes this possible.

This is especially useful for existing buildings that weren’t originally wired for twisted pair Ethernet. Many of them already have coax cable because they’ve had TVs for a while, such as apartments and hotels.

A CMTS allows you to run internet signals through the existing coax system to easily get a wired signal to all the rooms or wireless access points. Using CMTS over the existing coax is a more cost effective solution than it would be to rewire the entire building with twisted pair Ethernet.

Additional feature: NACE will engineer your system and provide a BOM for free. Our legendary 24/7/365 support will assist you with any technical requirements when you’re in the field to keep your install smooth, efficient, and effective.

About the CMTS Edge

About the

The CMTS Edge is a best-in-class CMTS, supporting DOCSIS 3.1, 3.0, and 2.0, using a powerful Marvell Octeon™ network processor with hardware acceleration.

It’s built upon a stable and proven Linux operating system to deliver the industry’s best performance, scalability, security, and reliability. With a compact 1RU footprint, the CMTS Edge makes mounting simple and takes up minimal space in a data center. The dual redundant power supplies also provide valuable uptime protection.

Multiple CMTS Edge models are available, giving you the flexibility to deploy an economical solution today, with the availability to scale your throughput as your bandwidth demands increase.

Key features

  • Field-Upgradable 16 Down / 4 Up channels

  • DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.1/3.0/2.0 compatible

  • Compact 1RU 19” chassis

  • Hot swap dual redundant power supplies for reliability

  • Intuitive web-based GUI

  • Command line interface via serial/SSH/Telnet

  • Integrated cable modem load balancing
  • Real time CM/CPE statistics

  • QoS support

  • Multicast IP video in Edge QAM mode

  • Internal DHCP/TFTP server »Support for external provisioning DHCP/TFTP

  • Dual-stacked IPv4/IPv6 compatibility

  • VLAN tagging via option 60 »L2/L3 DHCP relay

  • SFP+ 10GbE / Fast-Ethernet / Serial front panel

  • Mixed-Mode feature supports simultaneous operation of DOCSIS 3.1 and 3.0 cable modems

Need cable modems to complete the install?

The SMC Veloxite Gateway is the perfect complement to your CMTS. It’s called a gateway, because it does so much more, including WiFi and MoCA 1.1.

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by bundling internet service through NACEConnect
This family of gateways include a complete array of downstream/upstream channel and Wi-Fi configurations, as well as optional voice, battery backup and MoCA® support capabilities. The SMC Veloxite SMCD3GNV5M is a DOCSIS 3.0, 8×4, Wi-Fi voice gateway, with optional battery backup. It is MoCA 1.1 capable, supports PacketCable 1.5 voice, upgradable remotely to PacketCable 2.0. The SMCD3GNV5M hosts a wireless daughter card, for flexibility in Wi-Fi configuration, from Dual Band Dual Concurrent 3×3 Wi-Fi, to Single Band 2.4GHz 3×3 or 2×2, as well as the latest in 802.11 ac development.

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