DIRECTV Q1 L&I Incentive Program

Earn an additional $1,000 equipment credit for each new L&I account you activate through NACEConnect!


To earn this incentive, you must register for the program

This offer, exclusively for NACEConnect System Operators, gives you an opportunity to earn extra cash for each new activation. This is over and above the standard compensation for activations.

Some ways you can take advantage of this special offer:
  • Use this as a competitive advantage to close more deals and make more money.

  • Use it as a closing tool by applying some or all of the subsidy as an equipment discount for your customer.

  • Offer free or reduced cost installation using the subsidy.

  • Add channels or features important to your customer at no extra cost.

  • Use the incentive to create a sense of urgency for your customer to act. Offer special pricing that expires if their system is not installed and activated before March 31st.

  • Create a bonus for your sales reps and motivate them to start 2022 off with a bang.

  • Pocket the subsidy and bolster your profit margin.
Don’t wait! Start working this incentive into your L&I proposals now and make the first quarter of 2022 your best ever.

Incentives apply only to DIRECTV Lodging and Institutions new account activations by authorized System Operators in the NACEConnect Business TV Master System Operator program.
Offer applies only to DIRECTV L&I activations completed between January 1st and March 31st, 2022. Q1 L&I incentives earned will be awarded to System Operator in the form of equipment credit applied to their NACE account within 30 days of activation.