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GameView allows venues to get maximum value from TV content with a powerful, intuitive interface to easily control multiple screens. Includes special features optimized for sports.

Everything is controlled with an iPad. No computer, proprietary software, or processor is needed. The iPad is both the processor and the gateway to all the content and hardware connections.

GameView is designed to control a wide range of different content sources in a matrix one-to-many system. It can also add value to non-matrix systems as well, controlling DIRECTV receivers that are directly connected to each TV.

Interactive floor plan

GameView provides an easy, fast way to assign any sport, any time, to any TV

Features Include

  • Full integration of ALL input sources (satellite, OTA, cable, streaming)

  • One unified easy-to-use tablet-based control system with a visual floor plan

  • Ability to group TVs for additional controls and configuration

  • Automatic categories and easy browsing with video preview window

  • Automated startup sequence routines

  • Ability to control power on and off

  • Video wall capabilities

  • DSP audio processor control capabilities

  • IR control of source equipment

  • Integrated Gracenote® guide data included for rich scheduling features

  • Pro:Centric® app included to enable additional enhancements

Plus special features JUST for sports

  • Find all games for any sport—whether it’s pro, collegiate, or even local events

  • Schedule games up to 2 week in advance

  • Easily change all TVs to the “big game”, then easily revert to prior setups
Easily find any sport and assign to any TV
Find all the broadcasts for one sport

GameView is a "game changer" for screen control

GameView is much more than a matrix switcher. It’s optimized for sports, taking the public venue viewing experience to a whole new level while saving venue staff time and stress. Here are just a few examples.

Patron Request

Watch a particular game or event

The Old Way

  1. Consult a channel guide or directory to determine which network it is being broadcast.

  2. Look up the TV programming provider’s channel number for that network.

  3. Select that channel in the video switching system.


Browse listings for sporting events currently broadcasting

Patron Request

Wants to see a program in a certain area of the venue

The Old Way

  1. Find the TV numbers or name for each of the areas desiring that program.

  2. Enter the TV numbers in the matrix switching system.

  3. Select the channel desired to play on those TVs.


Touch the desired program on the venue map and drag it to the TV on the map.

Patron Request

Asks if an upcoming game will be carried in the venue and what time it starts

The Old Way

Google is your friend.
Good luck!


Easily find games with an intuitive sports-themed menu