Digital Signage Made Easy

Create, Distribute, and Display Digital Signage Content Using Your Existing Wi-Fi

Consisting of a simple HDMI plug-in stick and a web-based management console (where you can use existing graphics and templates), it is astonishingly easy to deploy and manage. The HDMI plug-in stick is set up just once at install and it is ready to play. Once accessed from the SignEase control panel, the system operator has intuitive drag-and-drop control over all content on all players of that account, regardless of where they are located in the world, all you need is internet access.

The remote access to the player is crucial for business owners with establishments that are widespread geographically. All content can be intuitively managed for all properties by a single person in a single location eliminating the need to physically update content at each location.

In-browser Content Creation & Management

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Content Creator

The content creator is filled with templates for a wide array of digital signage, hotel channel guide templates, advertising, weather forecasts and more. No graphic software degrees or experience is required. With included backgrounds, a drag-and-drop interface, and pre-formatted text fields, creating professional HD content is simple. 

Web Portal

The SignEase web portal is the gateway to all of your devices. Signage content can be grouped as desired by the system administrator and assigned to your properties, which can also be grouped. Simple, powerful control is only half the story. Realizing that clients need content, SignEase includes a built-in content creation suite. You just pick the right template for your needs and add your messaging.

No Additional Wiring

Simple Media Player at each display
The SignEase hardware is simple and effective. The small media player can be mounted unobtrusively behind the display and connected to power with the included power supply. Simply connect it to the HDMI port of your display, temporarily connect your USB keyboard and mouse to set up Wi-Fi once, and you’re done.